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About Kathleen



Short Bio

Born in Texas, I have lived in Colorado for many years, raising my now-grown children here. I’ve been a writer my entire life, with works published in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, erotica and horror, including ‘Becka’, a novella within Tattered Souls 2, an anthology nominated for the Stoker Awards of 2011. Many of my experiences with small press publication have offered ‘behind the scenes’ involvement, such as collaboration on revisions, slush pile query reading, and writing promotion text such as sypnopses, queries, blurbs and taglines.

I formed the critique group Denver Fiction Writers and was an active member for three years before turning to freelance editing. Since then, I have had a number of clients with projects ranging across many genres, with lengths from flash fiction up to full novels, and with such differing texts as promotional letters and scripts for interactive online novels.



Editing Philosophy

My first and most important belief is that the author is in charge of his or her work. This means that while I may offer suggestions, there will be absolutely no hard feelings if the author decides not to take them. I am here to advise, not to control. This also means that authors will never find me substantially rewriting their text – that task is up to the writer.

Equally importantly, I believe in balancing absolute truth with compassion and tact. I do tend to walk on the snark side, and my sense of humor does show through in my editing, but I will tell you everything I really like about the work as well as everything that just doesn’t come across right. It’s important that the author have a sense of what works and why, as well as what doesn’t work and why.

I believe in pricing things in a way that is fair, up-front and without any hidden or changing costs. That is why I charge by the length of the piece, not by the hour; you will never have to wonder if I’m padding the number of hours the job took. That is also why I charge by the starting word count; you will never have to wonder if I advise you to lengthen the piece because I want my bill to be higher. The charges and payment schedule we agree on at the beginning will stand, whether or not I spend more time on your project than I would have on someone else’s.


Other Ways to Find Kathleen

I’m at the Mile Hi Convention in Denver every year; there are always other conventions that I go to, but always that one.


Google Plus Account:

This is where any daily thoughts, blogs, and silliness are recorded. There are also writing and revision content, but a great deal more silliness. It’s the best place to relate to me patiently!


Twitter account:

This is largely inactive, but feel free to follow anyhow. It’s not a good place to get information TO me, as I don’t pay attention to it much.


Facebook account: Um… I forget. I’m REALLY not paying attention to that.


Local to the Denver area? Prefer to work directly, in person, with your editor? Use the contact form at the upper left and let me know. I am willing to meet in public, and will probably prefer that before handing out my phone number.

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